We are a small cattery located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our cats are a part of our family. They are loved and spoiled as they should be!
Our main goal is to breed healthy, happy, special new family members, to fulfill your dreams of having a Sphynx or Elf kitten.
Our kittens are raised underfoot, around our grandchildren, our Maltese, and other cats, so they come to you well socialized and "pre-spoiled".

BAREHEART KITTENS are ready for adoption at 14-16 weeks.
They will have had all age appropriate vaccinations and wormings,
and will be registered either TICA or CFA.
ALL PET kittens must be spayed/neutered within one month of going to their new home, if they have not already been altered prior to leaving us.

We SCAN for HCM and provide a Health Guarantee for our kittens, which includes a 1 year guarantee against congenital defects, and a 2 year guarantee against HCM

They also come with a kitten kit, which includes:
     * Kitten registration papers
     * Vaccinations & worming records and suggestions for future vaccines
     * A bag of food the kitten is currently on
     * Cat litter the kitten is using currently.
     * Kitten toys
     * Two kitten blankets
          (one that has the scent of the mom & siblings, so the kitten will feel more relaxed)

When you get your kitten home I am always available for any questions you might have. If I don’t know the answer I know people who do.

We prefer that you pick your kitten up at our home, so we can get to meet you in person, and you can get to know your baby.
We prefer NOT to ship! However, if you want to fly in to pick up your baby, we will meet you at BWI airport. That way the kitten can go on the airplane with you under your seat. Also I will fly with your kitten for an added fee. That will be discussed when the location of the airport you choose is known. This way the kitten can fly in cabin with me, so it is not so stressed. We believe our kittens are treasures to be loved, and to be a special member of your family.


We require a $400.00 NON-refundable deposit to hold a kitten until he/she is ready to leave our home.

Sphynx male pet-neutered - $1000 (may vary)
Sphynx male with breeding rights/show - $1400 to $1800 (may vary)
Sphynx female pet-spayed - $1200 (may vary)
Sphynx female with breeding rights/show - $1600 to $2000 (may vary)
Elf male pet-neutered - $1500 to $2000 (may vary)
Elf male with breeding rights/show - Ask us
Elf female pet-spayed - $1500 to $2000 (may vary)
Elf female with breeding rights/show -Ask us

* * *Note: Many of our kittens sold as pets are show quality,
and may be shown in Premier class once they are altered. * * *



Purchasing a BAREHEART Kitten for breeding

At BareHeart, we breed to better the Sphynx cat, and to strengthen the bloodlines of these beautiful cats.
Therefore, we
only sell kittens with breeding rights to reputable breeders.
We DO NOT SELL kittens with breeding rights to people who:

     * Just want to breed one litter "for fun"

     * Because they think they can make their investment back on the
        kitten they purchased

     * So their children can experience the birth

     * For their own financial gain

     * Or any other unethical reasons

We also DO NOT sell kittens with breeding rights to people who have never owned a Sphynx, so please don’t even ask.
We feel you should own a Sphynx as a pet first, learn about the breed, and possibly show before you decide you want to breed Sphynx cats.
There are TOO MANY cats/kittens in shelters that need homes, and we will not participate in adding to this problem.

Thank you for your understanding.













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